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Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy
Welcome to Colorofeast Consulting Inc (COE). COE believes that it is its social responsibility to properly manage and protect personal data. We hereby set forth the following as our personal data protection policy. COE shall make every effort to ensure the protection of personal data.

1 Management of personal data
COE shall adopt and maintain a system to manage and protect personal data and comply with designated internal regulations for the proper collection, use, and disclosure of personal data.

2 Collection and use of personal data
When collecting and using personal data, COE shall specify the purposes of usage, and will manage personal data appropriately within the necessity of achieving the purposes specified. We shall take measures to prevent the usage for purposes other than we specified.

3 Disclosure of personal data
COE shall not provide or disclose personal data to any third parties other than to entities to which the data subject's consent has been given.

4 Entrusting personal data to outside parties
COE may entrust personal data to outside parties for such purposes as questionnaire issuance and data processing. In such cases, we shall select organizations whose standards for personal data management fulfil our security requirements, and we shall appropriately manage and oversee the entrusted parties.

5 Security measures for personal data
COE shall adopt security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, leaking, tampering, destruction, or loss of personal data held by COE in order to ensure the security and accuracy of personal data. In the event that a problem arises, we shall make every effort to prevent the damage from spreading, and corrective measures shall be taken promptly.

6 Responding to complaints and inquiries on personal data
COE shall designate a contact point for complaints and inquiries from the subjects of personal data and respond to such complaints and inquiries properly.